I'm Nicolett Miller.

...a Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach, Nutritional Therapist & Emotional Eating Teacher and the Founding Director of Metabolic Balance® by Nicolett, in Boulder, Colorado.

Metabolic Balance® by Nicolett is a Metabolic Balance® program that is molded to perfection through a long 20+ year journey from not only my own experiences, but through the struggles and successes of my own clients over the years.

Born in England, raised in Germany, and now living as a mother in Boulder, Colorado (United States), I have gained an international appreciation for food culture principles, particularly in the area of whole foods and healthy eating approaches. This has really become the philosophy and foundation of Nourish Your Life: the ability to offer a deeply transformational experience when it comes to health, energy, mood and emotional habits, no matter what unique body and person.

I have a background in geriatric nursing, massage, body-psychotherapy, hypnosis, nutrition, eating psychology, functional nutrition and Metabolic Balance®.

Although it can be a mouthful, this has helped me create a well rounded program that brings awareness to all the mental and physical obstacles that you would encounter when trying to reach your maximum health potential.

For me, the most important transformation was becoming a mother. Being a mother of two children meant that my personal time was even more valuable as I am passionate to raise them as healthy as possible. With my daughter who is vegan, and my son who is entirely opposite, it is not uncommon to be cooking three different meals to keep everyone happy.

Then, as I struggled with stress related health and eating issues, I began to notice that many of my girlfriends and clients were struggling with similar concerns.

I knew there had to be a better way to live a lifestyle filled with health, energy, and vitality.

I am here to help you reach the highest levels of your health potential and help you create a life that you truly love. This can only be achieved by acknowledging that every person is unique and for that reason, true nourishment of our bodies can only be achieved in a specially planned way for each person.


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