Your Blood Holds The Secret to Consistent Weight Loss, Sustained Energy, and a "Feel-Good" Mood

No more guessing. No more guilt. Peace with food and harmony in your body is possible. You've held the secret all along, literally, in your blood chemistry. Metabolic Balance® is a program that uses this beautiful secret to create the perfect program for YOU.

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"Is This For Me?"


If you’re exhausted from trying every diet under the sun, this is for you.

If you've upended your household with a new diet only to revert back to your unhealthy eating habits soon after, this is for you.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to finally feel and look good in your body without SUFFERING, this is for you.

I've seen so many women (and men) in tears because they no longer have the energy to be there for the people in their lives. They just want to hide away in their rooms, drink wine, binge on sweets, and just give up.

I'm here because I deeply care about YOU, and you don't have to be in pain anymore. You can have the body you want, and you can actually wake up feeling refreshed, as long as you know the perfect foods to eat for you.

Sometimes we need a little help. I'm here to give it to you, with loving (but stern) support, and the science of Metabolic Balance® , which will have you shedding pounds and feeling amazing in no-time.

I've seen it happen for dozens of women, and I know it can happen for you too.

"Who Is Nicolett Miller?"


That's me :) I help women to end food-guilt, lose weight, and find harmony with their bodies.

I'm originally from Germany but I’ve been living in the States for 22 years now.

Trust me, I know what it’s like to struggle with weight fluctuation, fatigue, low-energy, binge-eating, and emotional eating.

I struggled with these issues for YEARS until I finally found an approach as unique as I am (and as you are).

Today I’m happily living in my body, full of energy.

Achieving my ideal body and lifestyle was MUCH easier than you’d expect.

So, if you struggle with weight and health and emotions, you're in good company.

We live in a society where doctors, naturopaths, weight-loss gurus, and even our friends, are fanatical about “one-size-fits-all” solutions for everyone.

They say:

“You have to eat THIS way!” 


“Don’t ever eat THAT food!”

The Truth is: "One-Size Fits All" Only Fits Some


We’re all human, but each individual is unique. 

Recent breakthroughs in nutritional science have now proven that the key to weight loss and having vibrant energy throughout the day is hidden inside your blood chemistry.

That’s why I’m excited for you to discover the only weight-loss solution that is tailored specifically for you. It’s called Metabolic Balance®. 

“What makes Metabolic Balance® 100% Unique and Effective for MY Body?”

It’s simple.


When you apply for your Custom Metabolic Balance® Analysis, you have your blood drawn at a Metabolic Balance® Approved Laboratory near you. The results are sent to my office.


I run a few proprietary tests on your blood and I use a special software to analyze specific values found in your blood chemistry.


This tells me exactly which foods you should be eating to quickly balance the presentation of your blood values


I begin coaching you on how to make shifts in your eating habits that support what your body truly wants, needs, and even craves.


When you start eating these foods, an amazing transformation begins…


Your body starts to change and react because you’re giving your body EXACTLY what it has always wanted.

Imagine your cravings for junk food disappearing.

Imagine any emotional eating tendencies fading into the past.

Imagine being satisfied with an ideal portion of food and not feeling hungry all the time (like all those other diets you’ve tried).


Important Note:

There is an adjustment period your body experiences as it detoxes your old eating habits. This can be somewhat uncomfortable, but my clients tell me it’s far more gentle than most of the strict calorie restrictive diets they’ve tried before.

As your eating habits fall into alignment with the factors active in your blood chemistry, your body begins to relax.

The cravings disappear, you lose extra weight, your youthful energy surges and you being to feel alive again!

If this sounds like the transformation you’ve been looking for, then you might consider applying for your Custom Metabolic Balance® Analysis.



For most of my adult life, I was at war with my body.

Today, I live in the body I’m proud to call mine. I’m at my ideal weight and I help other women reach theirs.

Are you ready to make this transformation?

If so, please fill out the form below and answer the important application questions.

Please note that due to the hands-on nature of this analysis and one-on-one coaching, I only accept a handful of clients each month.

Please, only apply if you’re seriously ready for this total body and lifestyle transformation. I love working with people who are committed to living the life of their dreams.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to helping you through your journey of transformation.

"What I like about the program is the simplicity. This structure and discipline has been immensely helpful to me as well as translatable to habits. I like working with Nicolett because she is empathetic and nurturing. Her voice is kind and supportive so I always felt optimistic working with her. I felt seen, understood and heard to an unusual degree. I had the sense I was in very good hands—in the hands of someone seasoned and experienced in the program and passionately interested in her field of endeavor. Changes I noticed: Patience with myself; respect for a process I didn’t fully understand; deeper understanding of my own body and how I have not treated it so well. Much calmer inside. My life has changed significantly because of this diet. I will always stick with it."

Frances C.

"I wanted to start the Metabolic Balance® program because I was not sure how and what to eat to feel and look good. I tried other diets but none of them seemed to work for me. This program taught me several things, mainly: I needed to get more creative with my foods and experiment with foods I wasn’t used to. I was not drinking enough water and in the beginning it was hard for me to drink all the water necessary for my health. I have a very supportive family who have helped me a lot with this plan. I really learned how to listen to my body instead of my head when it comes to which foods are actually agreeing with me and which ones don’t. I enjoy the vegetables and fruits a lot, especially if I crave healthy and tasty ones instead of junk food. I love knowing what is good for me and working with my body as a source of input. Now, almost one year later, I find it easy to stay with the plan, even after I started a new job. I plan my meals and prepare everything in advance and have found it easy to make this plan work for and with me."

Stephanie M.

"I really like eating all the fruit and vegetables. I did not eat as many as I do now being on the Metabolic Balance® plan. I found it pretty easy to stick to the 5 hours between meals. The meals are very satisfying and work better for me than I had initially expected. I like that my weight got lighter as I snore less, which my wife appreciates a lot. After the stroke my energy was pretty low, but after being on the Metabolic Balance® plan for a few weeks, my energy increased with every week. I also noticed that my digestion is better overall. Due to the Metabolic Balance® plan, I have been able to cut back on sweets, which was my weakness before. Giving up alcohol was a bit challenging, but no big deal in the long run. My saving grace were the treat meals. I like that the plan is always there for me, in case I fall off the wagon, I have the plan to go back to. I didn’t realize just how important eating the right foods are to having a more healthy body and mind. Nicolett helped me understand how eating healthy can be easy and fun and be good for me. I have also found on this plan that I do not feel hungry and am full of energy and I have finally reached my desired weight without having to make sacrifices."

Michael M.

"Nicolett’s professional and empathetic presence helped me to reach my goal in regards to health and weight…what I didn’t know and didn’t expect is the joy I am feeling now in living my life full of energy and enthusiasm… I feel I have finally arrived and landed in my body …what a pleasure it is to go through my day…painless, energetically and without being fixated on what to eat or not...but trusting my body to let me know what she wants and needs…and there is always the food plan as a guiding path…"

AnnaMaria B.

"I started the plan not realizing how well it would work for me. I had tried other things but nothing has worked as well as this plan. Within in a matter of a few months, my body really shifted for the better. I sleep incredibly well now, my energy throughout the day is great. My digestion improved as well. I even went through 2 wardrobe changes. This program taught me how to eat and it has simplified my life when it comes to shopping, meal prep and not snacking. It has really made my life and time much more efficient. This style of eating plan feels easy and do-able for life. I can even make the plan work while traveling and camping "

Alicia B.

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