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When your energy is off: easy tips to bring back balance

I’ve been thinking a lot about male/female energy balance in my life. It seems that modern day life drives me to function more in a male energy system and I know that balance is key for me. I'm off balance when I think too much, worry, judge others and generally feel off.  I do a combo of these 5 tips to bring back the feminine part of me I desperately need in order to feel more balanced, loving and less stressed. Thinking less, feeling more, and doing little does the trick.


1. Have fun

Having fun, feeling light, and laughing opens the heart and recharges your energy body. It softens you. Fun and laughter opens you up so you can be more receptive and joyful. Time with friends makes this easy, or watching a funny movie.


2. Time in nature

Nature resets you in more ways than one. It creates a field of peace and recharge, and is a reminder that you’re part of something greater, allowing you to let go, connect and allow nature to nurture and carry you. I...

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Mushroom Salad


I don't know about you, but I love mushrooms. They take me back to my childhood, when my grandparents took me mushroom hunting in the woods. I loved the smells of the moist German forest and I relished in all the different types of mushrooms we'd find. Now I rely on Whole Foods to carry mushrooms but I miss finding them myself.

Mushrooms are a super protein, they are versatile and just down right delicious. I love sautéing them in coconut oil and then adding them as my plant protein to salads etc.

Here is what you need:

One portion mushrooms like: shiitake, oyster or portobello

One portion vegetables or lettuce

oil, vinegar and spices

Sautee mushrooms in coconut oil, add spices to taste

Arrange lettuce or prepare veggies to your liking, dress with oil, vinegar and spices

Add mushrooms to veggies and enjoy with a slice of rye bread. Easy 

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Genie In A Bottle-Professional Supplements for You

Treat yourself well- Professional supplements at your fingertips


Getting access to high quality, professional supplements can be challenging. Giving my clients access to professional, well-balanced, high standard supplements is very important to me. If you spend the money, I like to make sure the products you’ll buy deliver on my high standards so they’ll get you the results you want. Most supplements out there, especially the ones from mainstream stores such as Target, Costco, and drugstores do not include high quality ingredients, they are often not tested for purity and are manufactured in China.

The supplements I recommend are tested, well balanced, only use the highest quality ingredients and so on. Metagenics made it easy for me to offer you quick access to their professional grade supplements, shipped directly to you.



How is a professional supplement brand different from your standard-over the counter brand?


Consumers have very little...

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Lentil Tacos

Legumes, such as lentils and beans are an easy to make and versatile protein option while doing your Metabolic Balance® program. They are easy to cook in batches, they store well and can be spiced to your taste. I used black lentils because they don't need to be soaked and can cook while I do other things.

Here is what you need:

your choice and amount of legumes, as listed on your Metabolic Balance®  plan

romaine lettuce and tomatoes, or a combination of other vegetables

vegetable oil and a bit of vinegar

salt and spices

Cook legumes as directed on the package, or use canned

Salt and spice to taste, drizzle oil and vinegar over the top

Arrange romaine lettuce and use the cooked legumes to create yummy tacos

Enjoy with a side of rye bread and fruit for dessert

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Baked Brussel Sprouts with Cheese

Simple meals always do the trick for me. They allow me to really taste and appreciate just a few foods at a time and they make it easy for my body to digest. Works for me!

Here is what you need:

one serving size Brussel sprouts, cleaned and outer leaves removed

one serving size cheese, grated

1-2 tbs olive oil

Briefly boil the cleaned Brussel sprouts until barely tender

Spread the Brussels on a lined baking sheet

Gently smash the Brussels with the bottom of a glass jar

Sprinkle with grated cheese 

Add salt and pepper to taste

Bake at 350 until cheese is melted, 10-15 minutes

Enjoy with a slice of rye bread!

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Apple-Cinnamon Compote

I don’t know about you, but I love apples. I like them raw and as they come but when I feel like I need a dessert, I like to cook them with just a bit of ghee or coconut oil and a good dash of cinnamon and I instantly feel wrapped into the loving embrace of a healthy comfort food. I find this dessert so delicious that I have to share it with you. Adding a good amount of healthy fats makes this compote very satisfying, as simple and as nourishing as it is. No extra sugar needed.

Here is what you need:

one apple (cored and thinly sliced) or more if you’ll make it to share or a few portions at a time

1-2 tbs ghee or coconut oil

cinnamon and nutmeg to taste, about 1/4-1/2 tsp each

dash of Himalayan sea salt

heat medium skillet over medium to high heat
add ghee or coconut oil, stir until melted
add apples
add remaining ingredients, and sauté apples until tender, about 4-5 minutes
remove from heat and enjoy

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Apple Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? These are Metabolic Balance ® friendly, perfectly balanced, yummy and a great way to stay on your plan. They are also easy to cook ahead of time and make a few batches. My kids love these and they are easy for me to prepare ahead of time for those busy mornings or even as a lunch on the go. Enjoy with a dash of cinnamon.

 What you need for one recipe:

 1 apple

1 portion eggs (2 eggs)

1 slice rye crisp bread (Rye Vita)


wash, quarter, core and grate the apple
beat the eggs
crumble the rye crisp in a ziplock bag into small crumbs
Mix crumbles with the egg, apple and cinnamon
Heat up a pan, divide mixture to make 2-3 pancakes. Cook until golden brown in ghee or coconut oil


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Crunchy Yogurt with Fruit

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE crunchy anything. I also love yogurt for breakfast, whenever I eat a good yogurt (I prefer am organic, whole milk Greek yogurt) with fruit and a dash of cinnamon, I feel so connected to my German ancestors. Yogurt, fruit and a bit of crunchy bread gives me a really good, wholesome start to the day and I feel good about eating something cultured so I get my natural probiotics too! Apple goes well with the crunch of the rye crips bread, but any fruit you have on your plan will make this yummy.

Should you be one of those that doesn’t like the tangy flavor of yogurt, then blend your fruit with the yogurt the night before, mango works best to cut the tanginess. Leave in the fridge over night and enjoy the next morning. Just add your crunchy rye crisp bread and a dash of cinnamon.

Here is what you need:

1 slice of rye crisp bread, such as Rye Vita

1 apple, or fruit portion of your choice

1 portion plain, whole milk yogurt

a dash of cinnamon

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Eggs and Veggies Your Way

I love to start my day with eggs and veggies. You can be really creative here and combining eggs - your way with a variety of vegetables, is a nutritional powerhouse to get the perfect combination of proteins and veggies PLUS both are quick and easy to make. I prefer leafy green vegetables, like kale, chard and collard greens. I use coconut oil for a quick sautée, I poor my beaten eggs over the top or make an omelet and voila, breakfast is ready and I feel really good about getting my greens in and loving them too 

Here is what you need:

1 portion eggs (2)

1 portion mixed vegetables, greens are great

Sauté the vegetables in ghee or coconut oil
cook the eggs on top of your vegetables or
make an omelet: mixing the eggs first and then add them to the vegetables, or fold the veggies into the omelet.


Note: make this however you like it, scrambled, sunny side, omelet. Be creative with your vegetable choices and how you like to cook your eggs. Enjoy your rye bread...

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Ham and Veggies

I have to admit, I love the simplicity of the Metabolic Balance® meals. But then I am a fan of simple anything. I love the concept of one simple protein per meal, I add complexity by being creative with my vegetable-lettuce combinations and I always have a delicious dressing. The simplicity of the meals allows me to really taste all the flavors and I never feel stuffed or too full and my body likes it, because she can focus on digesting one protein at a time. For this meal, ham is the animal protein for those who have it on their plan and I added some fun vegetables to make this meal colorful (the eyes eat too) and flavorful.

Here is what you need:

one portion ham

one portion vegetable, salad or a mixture of both


 slice and weigh the ham
chose from your favorite vegetables, cook them to your liking
or make a salad, be creative and colorful
add dressing to your salad
or cook your vegetables in your favorite fat
add spices and make everything tasty and colorful

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