Easy Meal Composition For Optimal Weight

inspiration May 29, 2019

Easy Meal Composition For Optimal Weight


When it comes to eating, most of us want to eat whatever and be slim and have great energy all day long. Right?

We expect to look and feel great even if we’re not giving our bodies the correct fuel and building blocks so we actually can be slim, vibrant and healthy.


It’s easy and convenient to focus and rely on prepared and packaged foods, but the sad part is, our bodies aren’t able to digest and utilize the nutrients , if there actually are any present in those foods. 

These foods contain mainly artificial flavors, highly processed fats, carbs and proteins, a lot of salt, none of which are the proper building blocks our bodies need in order to be healthy.

So, what should you be eating and nourish your body well? Every diet book will tell you something different and I find it very confusing.

Let me make it super simple for you:

1. When you’re looking at meal composition, focus on whole vegetables and fruits. 

2. Add clean, healthy, organic and lean proteins such as chicken & turkey breast, fish, lean beef and pork. 

Nuts, seeds and tofu are great plant based protein options. 

Grains and other starchy carbs should play a minor role in your meal composition.

If you rely mostly on prepared or packaged foods, then begin with buying, preparing and eating fresh, whole foods. You can worry about proper meal composition later. For you, the focus will be on switching you from the addictive packaged foods to fresh whole foods.

If you’re already eating clean and focused on whole, nutrient dense foods, then you can pay a little more attention to meal composition. 

Looking to shed some weight? A good start is to eat a little less than normal, and don’t snack. Most people eat too much, which overburdens their bodies, mainly the digestive track and liver. As a general rule for meal composition, a lot of people benefit from the same amount of vegetables and protein, by raw weight (weigh your food first, then prepare it). 

A healthy lunch portion could look something like this:


110g raw chicken breast, (prepared after weighing)

110g raw vegetable (cook if desired) or salad

1 tbs high quality olive oil

vinegar and spices

a piece of fruit, like an apple


You get the idea. A dinner portion would be slightly more, for example 120g of each the protein and vegetable, add to that a serving of fruit, and you’re all set. Super simple. Easy to do and prepare.

Depending on your height and weight, you may need to adjust the portions, but these are just suggestions and you can always adjust.

Have fun with this one and check out these super simple and fast recipes:

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