Water Your Plant

inspiration Jun 02, 2019

My kids and I live in Colorado, and it’s always super dry here. I constantly tell them to drink water to stay hydrated and I sound like a typical mom, which is fine of course, but it gets old for all of us.

My clever daughter recently discovered an app Plant Nanny where she “waters her plant” to keep track of her own hydration, which is brilliant and fun!

Her skin looks better, and I know that all her body functions are working well due to the increased water intake. 


Hydration is the #1 key nutrient that many people ignore or underestimate. We can live weeks and days without food but not without water. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated and feel tired and sluggish because of that.


If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Get an app, or calculate online how much water you need (and this is pure water, no tea, coffee, juices or soda) and then drink it. Give yourself a good week to 10 days to bring up your hydration and notice how you feel differently.

Check out a pervious blog post:



As always, let me know how you do and what you discover.

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