The Power of Alignment

inspiration Aug 30, 2019

We all want to eat what we want, when and how much we feel like. Sadly, while this can be fun and delicious, it’s no the healthiest way to eat, especially if you have some weight to shed or health issues that need addressing.


Food has  HUGE healing powers, especially when you eat foods that are supportive of your blood chemistry and health history but also whole, unprocessed and organic. 

Trust me when I say: your body does NOT really want that bag of Doritos, or a few donuts. Your body is actually craving something very different, but the signal gets messed up and all you can think about is that processed food. There’s absolutely no nutritional value in ANY processed food and our bodies aren’t designed to deal with them on a regular basis. 

Often when people crave sugar and fatty foods, they can be chronically dehydrated, and/or protein deficient and so much more.


Your body needs whole and healthy building blocks such as:

organic fruits and veggies

organic or pasture raised meets and poultry

wild caught fish

organic beans, legumes, nuts and seeds

healthy fats: flax seed oil, olive oil, walnut oil

and lots and lots of water and love :)


These are forms of nourishment your body’s designed to thrive on, digest and utilize to you give you the HEALTHIEST BODY possible. No-one wants to feel awful, without zest or energy and live their life in a zombie-like state. Yet, many do!

If you’re dealing with some health issues, can’t sleep well, have limited energy and some extra pounds, consider these simple steps:


  1. Drink more water, at least 50% of your body weight in fluid ounces
  2. Eat whole, unprocessed foods, if at all possible: organic
  3. Make small, sustainable, do-able changes. If you rely heavily on fast food, replace it gradually with healthier meals.
  4. Have protein, vegetables, healthy fats and a small piece if fruit with each meal
  5. Leave 4-5 hours between meals, don’t snack. 
  6. Eat just slightly less than what you normally eat.
  7. Exercise a bit more, find something you actually enjoy. 


Bottom line is:

Your body wants nourishment from whole, clean, unprocessed foods, everything else is a burden and a stressor and you’re creating nutritional deficiencies, at best. Take yourself shopping, touch, smell and enjoy the produce you’re buying and create a dialogue with your body. What does it want from the world of healthy foods? Let it guide and inform your choices.


Make slow, sustainable changes, don’t go crazy and start another diet. Work with your body, not against it. Sure, you can have a little treat here and there, keep it reasonable. Create other opportunities for pleasure, not through food, things like: exercise, time with friends, walks, hobbies, etc. Make yourself a priority and don’t abandon your desire to create change. Your body will thank you for it.

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