Does weight loss = giving up foods you love?

inspiration Aug 23, 2019

In my early days as a dieter I would embark on many diets, only to fail again and again. The thing I dreaded most was giving up my favorite foods, especially chocolate and cookies.

I would muscle through the dreadful weeks and suffer every day to reach my goal weight, only to go straight back to how I was eating before, just more of it. I was clearly making up for lost times and felt guilty yet couldn’t stop myself from uniting with my old friends chocolate and sugar.

Clearly, I was a failure and doomed to carry those extra pounds around with me, and let’s not forget my afternoon energy lows. At some point in my health coach career, I vowed to never diet again, and rather focus on healthy foods, that truly nourished me.

I felt instant relief to step out of the destructive dieting cycle. I also explored the realm of emotional and stress related eating, which was a rich and insightful process, and still not much clicked for me. Sound familiar?


It wasn’t until I discovered Metabolic Balance® and the individualized approach to eating, not dieting.

My coach created a food and eating plan based on my goal weight, current health status, eating preferences and blood chemistry. I was skeptical but intrigued and I gave it a go.

I was amazed how quickly I saw results, it was difficult at first to leave a 5 hour gap between meals (I had been a dedicated snacker), but I knew my blood sugar balance and metabolism needed healing and it eventually happened. The things that surprised me the most were:

  • using only whole foods in the correct proportions seemed to work like magic to reduce weight and restore energy
  • no need for supplement or shakes
  • I slept better after only 10  days
  • foods I thought defined me, lost their grip on me and allowed me to be free from cravings (you know, the coffee and cookie thing in the afternoon?)
  • old thought patterns were replaced with happy ones, mainly guilt and shame, what I relief!!
  • experiencing how I felt at my goal weight was amazing and freeing


Bottom line is this:

Doing something as simple as eating good, clean, whole foods allowed me to heal my body and metabolism. I was able to transform not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Habits and stress-related eating patterns from the past fell away, leaving me feeling free and happy being who I am.

I see this depth of transformation in most my clients. They start on the Metabolic Balance® by Nicolett program to lose weight and then discover all the far reaching, amazing changes they could’ve never anticipated, but secretly hoped for. It's always an honor being a part of a clients journey 😊

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