Eggs and Veggies Your Way

breakfast recipes Feb 08, 2018

I love to start my day with eggs and veggies. You can be really creative here and combining eggs - your way with a variety of vegetables, is a nutritional powerhouse to get the perfect combination of proteins and veggies PLUS both are quick and easy to make. I prefer leafy green vegetables, like kale, chard and collard greens. I use coconut oil for a quick sautée, I poor my beaten eggs over the top or make an omelet and voila, breakfast is ready and I feel really good about getting my greens in and loving them too 

Here is what you need:

1 portion eggs (2)

1 portion mixed vegetables, greens are great

Sauté the vegetables in ghee or coconut oil
cook the eggs on top of your vegetables or
make an omelet: mixing the eggs first and then add them to the vegetables, or fold the veggies into the omelet.


Note: make this however you like it, scrambled, sunny side, omelet. Be creative with your vegetable choices and how you like to cook your eggs. Enjoy your rye bread and fruit with this, if your Metabolic Balance® personal nutrition plan allows for it.

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