3 Steps To End Cravings

inspiration May 30, 2019

Even the healthiest and most disciplined people suffer from cravings and uncontrollable urges from time to time.  If you’re one of those affected, I hope my 3 Easy Steps will finally end them for you.

Cravings are annoying and bring a flood of negative feelings. These powerful steps bring change and transform how you feel about yourself, and how you change your relationship with stress.

Food cravings typically arise due to one or more of 4 reasons:

Emotional, Physical, Environmental and Overall Stress.

They’re normal but not supportive of a healthy diet and happy emotions.

Let’s jump into the transformative steps:


1. Fuel Your Body - The Right Way


  1. Be sufficiently hydrated: I cannot stress this one enough, probably 80% of you have issues easily remedied by proper hydration. You’ll need at least half your body weight in fl oz everyday, plus more if you work out or drink anything with caffeine.
  2. Eat well balanced meals: Evenly spaced out so your body knows it’s being nourished regularly and to avoid blood sugar lows. Meaning: lean proteins, low-starch vegetables and healthy fats at every meal
  3. Drink a delicious tea instead of giving in to your urge. Try chai, peppermint or lemon tea


2. Transform Urges


  1. Delay – wait at least 10-15 minutes before you eat so your action is conscious, not impulsive.
  2. Distract – go for a quick walk, call a friend, get some hot water, pet your dog, hug your kid
  3. Determine – how important it is to eat the craved food and how supportive of your health is it really? Who is stronger: you or the craving?
  4. Decide – if you will eat it and if so, how much. Whatever amount you decide, eat it mindfully and enjoy!


3. Handle Your Stress


  1. Engage in enjoyable exercise and movement daily: find what makes you happy: dancing, walking, yoga, weights, a group fitness class etc
  2. Recharge your soul: spend time with friends, read a good book, meditate, do nothing, get a massage, etc.
  3.  Pick your top 3-5 EASY steps from the list above, do them consistently and add more if needed. Start simple.


All these things together help to support a happier you. Less triggered by stress and more aligned to your essence.

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