2 Easy Steps To End Mindless Eating

inspiration Jun 01, 2019

Not many are aware of how much mindless eating we do. Here's my 2 Step System to end it. But first.......

How do you feel about food journals? If you’re anything like me, you might say you hate them ( I know, strong word, but that’s how I feel). I really strongly dislike them, especially if I have to be the one keeping track of my own eating. 

From a professional perspective, they are invaluable ONLY if someone honestly writes down everything that crosses their lips, which many people are ashamed to do. We all have times of stress or emotional upset where we use food to help us manage emotions and low energy, I totally get that. Many women feel judged and are afraid to be criticized, which of course we want to avoid. A good nutritionist can evaluate an honest food journal without shaming or blaming a client and the results of a food journal evaluation can give valuable insights into a clients imbalances and deficiencies.

Want to learn how to do it yourself and become your own food detective? And end mindless eating? 

Follow me:

  1. Write down everything you eat and drink over the course of 4 or more days and note how you feel afterwards, how it affected your mood, how you slept and what your digestion was like.


2. Get curious and watch for trends: 

What time of day do certain foods sneak in more than others?

How balanced are your meals?

Do you have protein at every meal? Which kinds do you eat most often?

Do you have raw fruits and vegetables every day?

Or do you prefer them cooked?

How often do you eat grains, breads, cereal, etc?

Do you snack? And if so, what?


You get the idea. And I bet you’ll gain a lot of insight. Reviewing your eating day in your head is less powerful as we all forget and LIKE to forget some of the things we know we shouldn’t have eaten.

Bottom line is: have fun with this one and see what you discover. We have a lifelong relationship with food, might as well work on making it conscious and purposeful. Let me know what you discover and leave mindless eating behind you.

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