6 tricks to easily reach your goal weight (or any goal)

inspiration Aug 15, 2019

6 tricks to easily reach your goal weight (or any goal)


Setting a goal is the first step to getting where you want to be. But getting there and staying true to your goal is a whole other story.


Having a clear plan and clarity of your motivators are key.

Be clear and specific about your goal, but also be reasonable so you can be successful and attain it. Set short term goals in addition to long term goals. Be realistic


Ok, let’s break this down.


  1. Set an overall long term goal, like: I want to lose 20 lbs in the next 6 moths. Be clear of your WHY and write it down too.
  2. Set short term goals, like: I’ll work out 3 times per week and I’ll find something I actually enjoy.
  3. Have a clear plan how, when and what you’ll be eating. Winging it last minute sets you up to fail, and you’ll quit your transformation before you really had a chance to see results. At night, write down what you’ll be eating the next day, and when so there is something you can follow.
  4. Keep a diary and track daily wins, mood, overall improvements and foods that work well, etc. Also acknowledge days that didn’t go so well, but instead of beating yourself up for a perceived failure, learn from it and see how you can do better next time.
  5. Have a buddy or a coach you can check in with and get encouragement if things get tough. Make sure that this person has your best interest in mind and you feel 100% safe and not judged.
  6. Make time to de-stress and reward yourself with things that recharge and bring you joy, and don’t use food. This can be a massage, a new book, time with a good friend, etc.


Bottom line is: making changes takes effort but it’s the good kind of effort that fuels your inner badass. Having a clear plan for how and what you’ll be eating every day is key, so is exercise and stress management strategies. You can’t do this alone, so ask for help and allow to be supported. You’re making big changes on more levels than one and that takes determination but also recharge and self care and lot’s of love. Watch your thoughts about yourself, be gentle and kind and give yourself lots of care for creating change, even when things get tough or you feel like you’re failing. Old patterns are tough to change, but little by little you make big change, which is a better strategy in the long run. You got this.

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