Tools to set a healthy goal weight

inspiration Aug 08, 2019

Is your goal weight realistic & attainable?


Setting a goal weight is not always the easiest starting point on your weight loss journey. 

We all have a certain number in our heads about what our ideal weight should be. Maybe it’s your weight when you were 25 years old? Or the number of pounds when you got married or before you had babies? 

Maybe you’ve even done some calculations, based on your BMI, activity level and body fat percentages. Cool. 

All those methods are fine, they’re a good starting point, as long as you’re within an attainable range so you don’t make it impossible for you to reach that goal AND when you don’t, give up and gain all the weight you lost right back. 


Let’s face it. You’re not 25 anymore. And your body has changed a lot since you had kids. You’ve gotten that little bit older and feel a bit slower and the pounds seem to creep up, no matter what you do.  So then, why would you use your 25 year old weight as a goal? Setting a good goal is all about being realistic and considering hormones, activity level, stress&sleep quality, medications, health, and age, just to name a few.


The bottom line is this: pick a weight you know you can actually reach, and if you find yourself unhappy at that weight, you can continue your weight loss efforts until you look AND feel the way you want to. When you make the commitment to lose weight, success is key and will fuel your drive to keep going.

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