Ham and Veggies

lunch/dinner recipes Feb 08, 2018

I have to admit, I love the simplicity of the Metabolic Balance® meals. But then I am a fan of simple anything. I love the concept of one simple protein per meal, I add complexity by being creative with my vegetable-lettuce combinations and I always have a delicious dressing. The simplicity of the meals allows me to really taste all the flavors and I never feel stuffed or too full and my body likes it, because she can focus on digesting one protein at a time. For this meal, ham is the animal protein for those who have it on their plan and I added some fun vegetables to make this meal colorful (the eyes eat too) and flavorful.

Here is what you need:

one portion ham

one portion vegetable, salad or a mixture of both


 slice and weigh the ham
chose from your favorite vegetables, cook them to your liking
or make a salad, be creative and colorful
add dressing to your salad
or cook your vegetables in your favorite fat
add spices and make everything tasty and colorful

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