My #1 Secret To A Happy Body

inspiration Jul 03, 2019

I'm going to let you in on a nutritional secret....

If you could take a wild guess, what would you say is best for your body:

Something man-made out of a package or something nature-gown and unprocessed?

Stupid question you say? Maybe…. Some of the processed & packaged foods we buy appear to be good for us, like a protein shake with all the good nutrition our bodies seem to need.

And then there’re other foods, that look good, nutritious and natural, like egg whites in a box, all natural whole wheat crackers, sliced apples, low-fat milk, etc. 


I get it! We all want quick, fast and easy foods, done for us, right? 

We rely on packaged foods aka processed foods to give us a healthy body and ALL the nutrition we need. Sadly, that’s not so. We eat foods our bodies can’t properly digest, we eat way too much of it, get addicted and gain weight, have no energy and start having health issues.


Bottom line is:

If you want to look AND feel better FAST & give your body healthy building blocks without thinking about it too much,  focus on whole foods. Straight from nature to your mouth. No processing required, which strips anything good (vitamins, minerals, etc) out of a food. It might tastes good, sure, but it has little or no nutrition.

Cook them, prepare them, sure thing. Your body needs wholesome, unprocessed foods.

Veggies, clean and organic protein, fruits and little grains. Period. Start small, do your best and work your way up.

Go and shop for real, fresh, yummy foods. Visit your local Farmer's Market. Smell your food before you buy it.

Create something fresh and new. Get excited. Connect with what your body and soul really want.

You’ll feel a difference fast and avoid nutritional deficiencies. Your body will thank you! I promise...






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