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Treat yourself well- Professional supplements at your fingertips


Getting access to high quality, professional supplements can be challenging. Giving my clients access to professional, well-balanced, high standard supplements is very important to me. If you spend the money, I like to make sure the products you’ll buy deliver on my high standards so they’ll get you the results you want. Most supplements out there, especially the ones from mainstream stores such as Target, Costco, and drugstores do not include high quality ingredients, they are often not tested for purity and are manufactured in China.

The supplements I recommend are tested, well balanced, only use the highest quality ingredients and so on. Metagenics made it easy for me to offer you quick access to their professional grade supplements, shipped directly to you.



How is a professional supplement brand different from your standard-over the counter brand?


Consumers have very little idea what it means when a brand offers “we only use the purest ingredients”. And rightfully so. Supplements are not subject to manufacturing standards, like certified organic food products usually are. So how can you tell one from the other? And how is a professional brand different from the over-the counter brands?


Pure ingredients

Most professional supplement companies use high-grade raw, organic, well researched and responsibly sourced ingredients which are routinely tested for impurities and quality. Many over-the-counter brands do not make the extra effort. Thankfully, professional supplement brands routinely ensure the exclusion of impure additives and preservatives and are more likely to be free of binders which can interfere with absorption and bioavailability in sensitive people.

Professional supplements are generally speaking, more potent and often allow you to take less of any given supplement. Their manufacturers tend to formulate products based on dosages used in scientific studies. This is important because studies form the basis from which most supplements are created and from which most dosages are recommended. Formulations are well researched and studied before they are made available to the general public. And due to their specificity and therapeutic effects, can aid in healing of nutritional imbalances.

Professional grade products are generally more expensive. But, considering all the benefits, it’s a small price to pay for your health and your peace of mind.


Ordering supportive, professional grade supplements

I have personally created a list or bundles of supportive supplements and made it easy for you to order them. I often get asked which supplements I recommend, and although the Metabolic Balance® program does not require you to buy any supplements, many of us benefit from the additional health supportive qualities professional supplements can provide. I love Metagenics and their professional grade products and have been very impressed with the quality, research and ease of use. I have selected products relevant to my clients’ needs while on the Metabolic Balance® program and beyond, our bodies are often undernourished and stressed and having high quality products at your fingertips was an important addition to my practice.

Link to my store:

You can order the products individually or in bundles.

Your first order receives a 10% discount!

You’ll need a practitioner code: NicolettMiller at some point during your shopping experience.

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