6 Mindfulness Tips To Leave Old Patterns Behind

inspiration Sep 06, 2019

"When we get too caught up in the business of the world, we lose connection with one another- and ourselves" - Jack Canfield


In my practice I see a lot of clients who, in several ways, are disconnected from themselves. This often leads to: stress-, emotional- and over-eating because they have no other tools to deal with the daily stressors.

Mindfulness helps restore feelings of calm, focus and our inner connection with ourselves. It has the power to lower our heart rate and blood pressure, which makes us feel calmer and more peaceful. The body-mind connection is an undeniable fact ad we can make this work in our favor, so we can live a more centered and rich life. It’s really about doing less-not more.


In this blog I invite you to practice all or one of the mindfulness techniques. Chose the ones that best suit you. I can’t predict the outcome you’ll get from having a deeper and restored connection to yourself, but I can almost guarantee that you’ll love yourself that much more. One of the shifts I notice in myself is that it’s much easier for me to eat healthier and less, because I’m not using food to manage my stress or emotions. It’s really that simple.


  1. Mindful Breathing and Meditation: sitting or lying down, consciously relax your neck and shoulder. Breathe in gently through your nose and into your belly, feel it gently rise and fall, for a slow count of 5. Pause and hold that breath for a count of 5, then gently exhale through your mouth for another count of 5. While breathing and relaxing, clear your mind, simply observe your thoughts. Do this for 5 minutes 2x per day in the beginning and then slowly increase. Do this anywhere and anytime, you feel stressed or tense.


  1. Time to Pause: throughout your day, remind yourself to simply do one thing at a time. Give whatever that is your undivided attention. Pause your devices, turn them off and give yourself a break. Listen to your breath. Tune into yourself. Allow your thoughts to come and go without responding to them.


  1. Become Aware of Sensations: we have 5 senses and we can tune into them by being more mindful and aware of them. Notice what you see around you, stretch your hearing and notice things you didn’t hear before. Touch something and notice how it makes you feel. Breathe deeply and absorb scents around you. Let it touch you and remind you that our world is a beautiful, sensual place we can tap into anytime. 


  1. Keep Note: keep a notebook close by, and write down everything that inspires you. A reflection on a job well done, a poem or a quote that touched you, a special moment, some insight, something you feel grateful for. Taking note allows for reflection and a deeper connection with yourself and the world.


  1. Exercise and Eat Mindfully: being mindful about exercise and food gives you the opportunity to reflect whether certain foods were eaten in alignment or stress. Exercising with displeasure only creates more stress and moves you away from that precious inner connection you’re working on deepening. Pay attention and listen to what your body needs and what gives both of you pleasure and a sense of connection and peace. Make that your focus, not what you think you should be doing or eating.


  1. Self Care: has many forms. All the steps above are a form of self care. You can add other things that give you pleasure and joy. Do something daily that is loving and gives you the chance to enjoy your body and its senses. Some ideas: self massage:using a lovely essential oil; walking and taking in your surroundings; a cup of tea or coffee: enjoying every sip because you slow down and pay attention….. you get the idea.


Bottom line is:

A deep and caring connection with yourself is a form of nourishment you can’t get from food alone. Caring for that connection becomes second nature the more you do it. Living your life from that deeply connected place may be unusual at first, but there are wonderful benefits in the long run, making you into a more happy and content human being.

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