Mirror Mirror

inspiration Sep 20, 2019

A huge part of being healthy, vibrant and energetic is how and what we eat. But the other part of how much we like ourselves is an inside job. The very thoughts and ideas we have about ourselves create an internal landscape that is hard to escape.


If I asked you: “How much do you like yourself” what would you say?

What are your thoughts about your body when you look in the mirror? Or step on the scale? Or eat? Or when you look at others?

Be honest, how do you talk to yourself inside your head? With love and kindness or is your inner critic running the show?


Let’s face it: we’re all expert critics and often our own worst enemies. Eating well and in a way that supports the healthiest expression of who you are, is only partly about the foods you eat. The other part are your thoughts, attitudes and ideas you have toward yourself.


Becoming lighter, feeling good in your own skin and having abundant energy can be supported by a healthy and balanced diet, no question. Most of my clients have affectively moved away from old sabotaging habits by using Metabolic Balance® to shed weight and love their bodies again. This allows for most of the old, destructive patterns to dissolve almost on their own. For some, there is a lingering sense of worry, that the old patterns might surface again.


There’re many ways to work with the incessant inner critic but try this simple yet powerful exercise to see if you can befriend that negative inner voice, rather than fight against it or take what it says at face value. It’s all about changing what’s been happening to create more love and kindness within yourself.




Once per day, stand in front of a mirror, naked is best.

Look at yourself with a neutral eye. Observe the thoughts you’re having about yourself, but don’t get caught up in the story. 

Simply observe and say: I have blood straight hair, with highlights. Open yourself up to the the texture of your skin. Observe the lines and curves of your body. And so on…

Find a part of your body you like, and look at it. If you can’t find a part you like, simply be with that.

Observe your breathing.

Do this every day. Start with a few minutes and expand from there. If you’re uncomfortable, stay with it and observe your thoughts. Slowly, and over time, you may notice that it gets easier and you can look at yourself longer. Eventually, you begin to notice things about yourself you like. Expand on that.

The process and idea are for you to be with yourself, observe what happens on the inside, and eventually you may even enjoy spending time with yourself in this way. 


Bottom line is:

This exercise allows for a deeper, more meaningful connection with yourself, one which you can open the door to allow more self love and less criticism. We’re pretty hard on ourselves. It’s time to change that and start being kind and loving toward ourselves. I mean, would you talk to your kid or best friend the way you talk to yourself???? Love yourself up, but do it in an authentic way. Allow time and the exercise above to do the healing.

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