Mushroom Salad

Uncategorized May 01, 2018

I don't know about you, but I love mushrooms. They take me back to my childhood, when my grandparents took me mushroom hunting in the woods. I loved the smells of the moist German forest and I relished in all the different types of mushrooms we'd find. Now I rely on Whole Foods to carry mushrooms but I miss finding them myself.

Mushrooms are a super protein, they are versatile and just down right delicious. I love sautéing them in coconut oil and then adding them as my plant protein to salads etc.

Here is what you need:

One portion mushrooms like: shiitake, oyster or portobello

One portion vegetables or lettuce

oil, vinegar and spices

Sautee mushrooms in coconut oil, add spices to taste

Arrange lettuce or prepare veggies to your liking, dress with oil, vinegar and spices

Add mushrooms to veggies and enjoy with a slice of rye bread. Easy 

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