Nut and Seed Salad

lunch/dinner recipes Dec 04, 2017

Many Metabolic Balance® Plans have Nut and Seed combos as a protein option. Nuts and seeds are another nutritional powerhouse, and a great alternative to animal proteins and cereals. When you combine almonds with either pumpkin or sunflower seeds, you’ll get a well balanced amino acid (protein) profile. In addition to vitamins B and E, they contain abundant dietary fiber, which aids digestion.

Before consumption, they should be roasted, soaked or cooked. 

This is an easy recipe for a breakfast, lunch or dinner and is perfect to make ahead of time for those on the go and they make great toppings for soups, salads and vegetables. Ratios and portion sizes depend on your personal Metabolic Balance® Plan. If you don’t have one start with:

30g almonds

20 g sunflower seeds.

Roasted nuts and seeds are easy to prepare and store for when you need them.

1) Simply measure your nuts and seeds as stated on your plan.

2) Roast them in a pan without fats until golden brown.

3) Select and weigh a nice selection of vegetables listed on your plan, add your roasted nuts and seeds, add your favorite dressing and enjoy. This is easy to pack as a lunch or dinner when you are not home.

Enjoy with a side of bread and fruit, if it’s included on your plan!

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