Send Your Love Into The World

inspiration Dec 19, 2018

Send love Into The World and Let It Come Back To You




It’s so easy to get lost in the world and to lose connection with others. We’re all connected on social media, which is great, but don’t you think we still need close up and personal contact, connection and meaningful encounters?


Let’s explore how we can create more comfort and a sense of purpose and belonging.


Most of you’re very good in creating a comfortable home environment, making it a place of warmth and comfort, where you feel safe and nourished by your surroundings and location. 


The next step is to look outside your home and look at the bigger picture, in this case your community. This includes your direct neighbors, and the larger community you belong to, including your friends, family, your own tribe, people you spend time with regularly, like at the gym, at work or at your kids school.


Ask yourself: 

How well do you know your neighbors? 

How do you feel about your community and friends? 

Have you made an effort to create a sense of community? 

Have you explored where you can contribute to your community to feel that connection and sense of belonging and purpose?

Are you comfortable talking to strangers to find out with great curiosity who they are?


From these question you can create your own action items to purposefully connect you with something larger than you. 


How much are you interacting with others in a meaningful way?

Where can you show up and contribute a bit more than you are?

How can you contribute actively in your community?


It works with heart, intention and a personal enterprise, unrelated to commercialism, to which you can give your all. This is a lovely and easy way to send love into the world, and watch it come back to you.

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