Simple Oatmeal

breakfast recipes Dec 04, 2017

Whole oats, cooked in milk with fresh fruit is such a nourishing and lovely meal to start your day with. We all benefit from the warming simplicity and flavorful combinations, it’s like a hug on the inside.

You can use any of the fruits mentioned on your Metabolic Balance® Plan: grated apple is nice, fresh seasonal pear, fresh berries, you get the idea.



1. one portion oats

2. one portion milk

3. one portion fruit

4. cinnamon to taste


I like to soak my oats overnight in the pot I will cook them in. This serves two purposes: I can cook my oats quickly and soaking them makes them a bit quicker to cook and digest.

I always like to add a tablespoon of coconut oil, for that extra bit of energy. Add the fruit and cinnamon once the oats are cooked. Yum…..

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