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inspiration Dec 04, 2017

I recently had the opportunity to contribute to an article for Livestrong website. Check it out here:

 People are often wanting to eat the latest superfood and if you read the news or different blogs, you’ll be inundated with overwhelming info as to what is the latest superfood you MUST eat.

Let me be honest: if you eat a well balanced diet, with a great variety of fresh, local-if possible, seasonal fruits and veggies you simply cannot go wrong. You can only go wrong if you are always eating the same limited variety of veggies and fruit. In my practice I often see a mono-culture when it comes to variety of foods in my clients diets. Variety is key, so is seasonal eating. Why? A good variety gives your body the macro and micro nutrient profiles of all sorts of veggies and fruits. You are basically super-charging your body with as many tasty and healthy foods as possible. Guess what…. Your body will LOVE it! The more variety the better. You can forget about the latest superfood and all the crazy making information out there. Go shopping, be adventurous and see what you feel drawn to. Our bodies are smart, and will tell you what it needs if it craves or wants some of the healthy foods out there. You could be eating kale and blueberries all day long, but they may not be what your body needs at all. Kale in particular can be hard for some bodies to break down, and then all kale in the world would do more damage than good.
I looked to the outside to help figure myself out. Since my metabolism stabilized through the Metabolic Balance® eating plan, specifically created for individuals based on thier blood test, your body is able to achieve balance and communicate what it needs easily. Instead of constantly reading health blogs about the next big superfood, your body will be the one to tell you what it needs. Plus, the plan gives you a huge variety of whole foods, all geared to balance your body specifically the way you need it. Contact me today to set up a free consultation; let's get you in tune with your body!

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