6 Surprising Fat Loss Facts (and what to do about them)

inspiration Sep 13, 2019

Let me dive into some practical action steps you can take right NOW, without buying another diet book or getting overwhelmed. My clients are busy, professional women who’re happy to do what it takes to reach their goals, not just for weight… but overall health. Setting up a healthy and well-grounded foundation for health is key, and it’s probably easier than you think.

Here’s what worked for them:

1. Stress can make it difficult to lose weight. Stress triggers the release of cortisol, which creates strong cravings for carb-rich foods which tend to calm a stressed system. But…. cortisol tends to increase fat storage.  

Solution: In addition to physical exercise, relaxation techniques and a balanced diet can help control weight and curb excess appetite.

2. Lack of sleep can make it harder to lose weight. Inadequate sleep upsets a person’s hormone balance, which decreases leptin (a hormone that makes a person feel full) and increases ghrelin (which triggers hunger). Scientists argue that getting enough sleep is the cheapest and easiest way to lose weight. 

Solution: No caffeine after 1pm. Wind down before bedtime:no screens at least 1 hour before bed, darken the room and drink a cup of calming herbal tea. Add to that: no alcohol, sugar and chocolate after 2pm, all of which are strong stimulants who can keep you awake.

3. Looking back on the many hundreds of diet books, there’re really only four basic rules for weight loss: 

1. eat carbs only in the form of whole grains or fiber (or avoid them altogether)

2. absolutely no trans and saturated fats

3. eat lean protein

4. eat lots of fruits and veggies

Solution: create a food and eating plan that has a balance of healthy, lean proteins; healthy fats; a few carbs and little low glycemic load fruit.

4. Researchers note that having sex within a committed, healthy relationship can aid in weight loss, though it shouldn’t replace one’s daily workout. On average, sex burns 150–250 calories per half hour and helps decrease stress.

Solution: have more of it!! 😉

5. The temperature in a person’s bedroom may help boost weight loss efforts. According to the National Institute of Health Clinical Center, people who slept in a 66° F room burned 7% more calories while sleeping, than those who slept in a warmer room. Colder sleepers burned more calories likely because their bodies were working harder to maintain a stable body temperature of 98.6°. 

Solution: hibernate 

6. A recent study found that those who took more breaks from sitting throughout the day had slimmer waists, lower BMIs, and healthier blood fat and blood sugar levels than those who sat the most. People who are leaner move an average of 150 minutes more per day than overweight people. 

Solution: Simply getting out of your chair and moving helps turn on fat burning enzymes and increase blood flow. 


Bottom line is:

It doesn’t take much to easily incorporate the steps above into your daily life. In any case, these steps are something you can do without starting another diet. Always start simple, see what works and then step it up if you need to. Doing little and seeing benefits reassures you that you’re moving in a good direction.  I’m a big fan of small, sustainable changes. Do something that moves you in a good direction without getting overwhelmed. Success is not making big chances, but small ones you can feel good about.

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