When your energy is off: easy tips to bring back balance

inspiration Oct 29, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about male/female energy balance in my life. It seems that modern day life drives me to function more in a male energy system and I know that balance is key for me. I'm off balance when I think too much, worry, judge others and generally feel off.  I do a combo of these 5 tips to bring back the feminine part of me I desperately need in order to feel more balanced, loving and less stressed. Thinking less, feeling more, and doing little does the trick.


1. Have fun

Having fun, feeling light, and laughing opens the heart and recharges your energy body. It softens you. Fun and laughter opens you up so you can be more receptive and joyful. Time with friends makes this easy, or watching a funny movie.


2. Time in nature

Nature resets you in more ways than one. It creates a field of peace and recharge, and is a reminder that you’re part of something greater, allowing you to let go, connect and allow nature to nurture and carry you. I find water and trees most magical.


3. Listen to your intuition

It’s so easy to get caught up in your mind and allow thoughts and logic to run the show. Tuning in, listening and becoming aware to what you hear, connects you to that part of you that is always there, ready to inform and connect you to your own wisdom.


4. Explore your sensuality

Discover what makes you feel good. Invoke and invite your senses to inform you. What music feels good? Which foods tastes amazing? Which smells do you love? How do you like to be touched? Explore and excite your senses. Be slow and deliberate.


5. Do new things

New things break up your routines. Go explore. Be spontaneous. See what you feel like doing. Eat new foods. Listen to your intuition. New experiences nurture your soul. Observe how you feel and what you like about this new adventure.


Breathe, mediate, receive, allow, do nothing.



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