6 tricks to easily reach your goal weight (or any goal)

inspiration Aug 15, 2019

6 tricks to easily reach your goal weight (or any goal)


Setting a goal is the first step to getting where you want to be. But getting there and staying true to your goal is a whole other story.


Having a clear plan and clarity of your motivators are key.

Be clear and specific about your goal, but also be reasonable so you can be successful and attain it. Set short term goals in addition to long term goals. Be realistic


Ok, let’s break this down.


  1. Set an...
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Tools to set a healthy goal weight

inspiration Aug 08, 2019

Is your goal weight realistic & attainable?


Setting a goal weight is not always the easiest starting point on your weight loss journey. 

We all have a certain number in our heads about what our ideal weight should be. Maybe it’s your weight when you were 25 years old? Or the number of pounds when you got married or before you had babies? 

Maybe you’ve even done some calculations, based on your BMI, activity level and body fat percentages. Cool. 

All those...

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My #1 Secret To A Happy Body

inspiration Jul 03, 2019

I'm going to let you in on a nutritional secret....

If you could take a wild guess, what would you say is best for your body:

Something man-made out of a package or something nature-gown and unprocessed?

Stupid question you say? Maybe…. Some of the processed & packaged foods we buy appear to be good for us, like a protein shake with all the good nutrition our bodies seem to need.

And then there’re other foods, that look good, nutritious and natural, like egg whites in a box,...

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Water Your Plant

inspiration Jun 02, 2019

My kids and I live in Colorado, and it’s always super dry here. I constantly tell them to drink water to stay hydrated and I sound like a typical mom, which is fine of course, but it gets old for all of us.

My clever daughter recently discovered an app Plant Nanny where she “waters her plant” to keep track of her own hydration, which is brilliant and fun!

Her skin looks better, and I know that all her body functions are working well due to the increased water intake. 


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2 Easy Steps To End Mindless Eating

inspiration Jun 01, 2019

Not many are aware of how much mindless eating we do. Here's my 2 Step System to end it. But first.......

How do you feel about food journals? If you’re anything like me, you might say you hate them ( I know, strong word, but that’s how I feel). I really strongly dislike them, especially if I have to be the one keeping track of my own eating. 

From a professional perspective, they are invaluable ONLY if someone honestly writes down everything that crosses their lips, which...

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Should exercise be fun?

inspiration May 31, 2019

When it comes to working out, how excited are you about it?

We all know the importance and health benefits of exercise, this article is not about that. I want to explore with you, how much of your workout is based on should’s and how much of it is actually enjoyable? Are you truly enjoying your exercise?

Do you go and do them with excitement or do you dread them?

The attitude and amount of fun you have around your exercise routine makes a HUGE difference on the amount of stress you...

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3 Steps To End Cravings

inspiration May 30, 2019

Even the healthiest and most disciplined people suffer from cravings and uncontrollable urges from time to time.  If you’re one of those affected, I hope my 3 Easy Steps will finally end them for you.

Cravings are annoying and bring a flood of negative feelings. These powerful steps bring change and transform how you feel about yourself, and how you change your relationship with stress.

Food cravings typically arise due to one or more of 4 reasons:

Emotional, Physical,...

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Easy Meal Composition For Optimal Weight

inspiration May 29, 2019

Easy Meal Composition For Optimal Weight


When it comes to eating, most of us want to eat whatever and be slim and have great energy all day long. Right?

We expect to look and feel great even if we’re not giving our bodies the correct fuel and building blocks so we actually can be slim, vibrant and healthy.


It’s easy and convenient to focus and rely on prepared and packaged foods, but the sad part is, our bodies aren’t able to digest and utilize the nutrients ,...

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Powerhouse: Metabolism

inspiration May 28, 2019

As women, our bodies go through many different stages, some are a bit easier to navigate than others. Many of my over 40 clients struggle. They gain weight, although they haven’t changed their diet or exercise habits. They experience low energy and fatigue, they don’t sleep as well. It all creates this sense of frustration and helplessness as we seemingly are unable to use our old strategies to look AND feel good as we enter this new phase of our lives. Add to that hormonal...

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Metabolism: Demystified

inspiration May 28, 2019



Have you ever wondered what actually makes up your Metabolism? Your metabolism is an amazing collaborative of several different organs, the liver being a main player.


1. Your Main Engine: The Liver

If you were a car, your liver would be the engine. Over 600 known metabolic functions happen in the liver, and virtually every nutrient, hormone, and chemical must be transformed, or activated, by the liver. It’s the #1 powerhouse in your body and is...

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