Apple Pancakes

breakfast recipes Feb 08, 2018

Who doesn’t love pancakes? These are Metabolic Balance ® friendly, perfectly balanced, yummy and a great way to stay on your plan. They are also easy to cook ahead of time and make a few batches. My kids love these and they are easy for me to prepare ahead of time for those busy mornings or even as a lunch on the go. Enjoy with a dash of cinnamon.

 What you need for one recipe:

 1 apple

1 portion eggs (2 eggs)

1 slice rye crisp bread (Rye Vita)


wash, quarter,...

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Crunchy Yogurt with Fruit

breakfast recipes Feb 08, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE crunchy anything. I also love yogurt for breakfast, whenever I eat a good yogurt (I prefer am organic, whole milk Greek yogurt) with fruit and a dash of cinnamon, I feel so connected to my German ancestors. Yogurt, fruit and a bit of crunchy bread gives me a really good, wholesome start to the day and I feel good about eating something cultured so I get my natural probiotics too! Apple goes well with the crunch of the rye crips bread, but any fruit you...

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Eggs and Veggies Your Way

breakfast recipes Feb 08, 2018

I love to start my day with eggs and veggies. You can be really creative here and combining eggs - your way with a variety of vegetables, is a nutritional powerhouse to get the perfect combination of proteins and veggies PLUS both are quick and easy to make. I prefer leafy green vegetables, like kale, chard and collard greens. I use coconut oil for a quick sautée, I poor my beaten eggs over the top or make an omelet and voila, breakfast is ready and I feel really good about getting my...

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Milk-Oat-Fruit Smoothie

breakfast recipes Feb 08, 2018

This is probably one of my favorites. Easy to make, I use seasonal and whichever fruits my plan allows. Your imagination can run wild here, papaya makes a great fruit for this drink. I especially love the inclusion of oats, they add a bit more substance to this smoothie and adding some good fats make this a well rounded, healthy and satisfying breakfast option. Also great for those on the go.


Here is what you need:

 1 portion milk: cow, goat or soy

1 portion fruit

1 portion oats

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Yogurt-Fruit Smoothie

breakfast recipes Feb 08, 2018

Yogurt-Fruit Smoothie

This smoothie is a super easy way to start your day. You can use fresh or frozen fruits. I don’t like my smoothies too cold, so I defrost my frozen fruits overnight in the fridge. I like to use: mango, papaya, pear, apple, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, melon or strawberries. Yogurt is a natural probiotic food and is well balanced with proteins and good fats, make sure to always use full fat dairy. You can use cow, goat, sheep or soy yogurt, see which...

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breakfast recipes Dec 04, 2017

This is a very traditional breakfast idea, many Europeans love Müsli for breakfast. Since you’ll be soaking the nuts and seeds overnight, it’s super fast and easy to make and packed with great nutrition, balanced proteins and carbs and a solid foundation to start your day.


1 portion almonds 30 grams

1 portion sunflower seeds 20 grams

1 portion fruit: you can chose any fruit from your plan, but the apple goes really well with this

a pinch cinnamon or spice of your...

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Simple Oatmeal

breakfast recipes Dec 04, 2017

Whole oats, cooked in milk with fresh fruit is such a nourishing and lovely meal to start your day with. We all benefit from the warming simplicity and flavorful combinations, it’s like a hug on the inside.

You can use any of the fruits mentioned on your Metabolic Balance® Plan: grated apple is nice, fresh seasonal pear, fresh berries, you get the idea.



1. one portion oats

2. one portion milk

3. one portion fruit

4. cinnamon to taste


I like to soak my oats...

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