lunch/dinner recipes Feb 08, 2018

Many people aren’t too familiar with tofu. Tofu is one of those versatile, can’t go wrong plant-proteins. I always make sure I buy organic and if you can find it, I’d recommend you get organic and sprouted tofu. Having the tofu sprouted makes it easier for the body to break down. Tofu doesn’t have much of it’s own flavor, you can really add tasty spices. One trick I use: I squeeze my tofu between a few sheets of paper towel to get rid off some of the water before...

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White Bean Dip

lunch/dinner recipes Feb 08, 2018

Beans are another source of an easy, plant-based protein. Many come in cans, which makes them easy to have around, and if you prefer to use dried beans and cook them yourself, even better. Bottom line is: they are easy to store and use as they keep well. This bean dip can be prepared with any kind of bean that is listed on your plan. Again, it’s an easy recipe to batch, and take with you. I love to add fresh herbs to this and image myself somewhere in the Mediterranean, over looking the...

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Yogurt-Fruit Smoothie

breakfast recipes Feb 08, 2018

Yogurt-Fruit Smoothie

This smoothie is a super easy way to start your day. You can use fresh or frozen fruits. I don’t like my smoothies too cold, so I defrost my frozen fruits overnight in the fridge. I like to use: mango, papaya, pear, apple, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, melon or strawberries. Yogurt is a natural probiotic food and is well balanced with proteins and good fats, make sure to always use full fat dairy. You can use cow, goat, sheep or soy yogurt, see which...

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Nut and Seed-Veggie-Herb Spread

lunch/dinner recipes Feb 08, 2018

I cannot say enough good things about this easy recipe. You can be really creative here, use seasonal, yummy veggies, such as avocado, tomatoes, pumpkin, or blanched spinach. This one never gets boring and is easy to pack if you’re on the go. It’s a perfect spread for your bread. 

Here is what you need:

1 portion nut/seed mixture

1 portion vegetables, I used avocado and tomatoes 

salt, pepper to taste

1 tbs olive oil

1/4 tsp dried vegetable broth (Seitenbacher) or other...

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breakfast recipes Dec 04, 2017

This is a very traditional breakfast idea, many Europeans love Müsli for breakfast. Since you’ll be soaking the nuts and seeds overnight, it’s super fast and easy to make and packed with great nutrition, balanced proteins and carbs and a solid foundation to start your day.


1 portion almonds 30 grams

1 portion sunflower seeds 20 grams

1 portion fruit: you can chose any fruit from your plan, but the apple goes really well with this

a pinch cinnamon or spice of your...

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Nut and Seed Salad

lunch/dinner recipes Dec 04, 2017

Many Metabolic Balance® Plans have Nut and Seed combos as a protein option. Nuts and seeds are another nutritional powerhouse, and a great alternative to animal proteins and cereals. When you combine almonds with either pumpkin or sunflower seeds, you’ll get a well balanced amino acid (protein) profile. In addition to vitamins B and E, they contain abundant dietary fiber, which aids digestion.

Before consumption, they should be roasted, soaked or cooked. 

This is an easy recipe...

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100% Rye No-Knead Sourdough Loaf

recipes Dec 04, 2017

This 100% Rye Sourdough Loaf isn't just any bread, it’s a superfood!

You may wonder, why can you eat only rye bread while you are on your Metabolic Balance® plan?

Rye has a very different carbohydrate structure than wheat or any other grain. Rye has been shown to be more beneficial on blood sugar levels, as it takes the body longer to break down the carbohydrates in rye than in other flours. Read the study on this here. Many people who cannot tolerate wheat gluten can tolerate the...

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Simple Oatmeal

breakfast recipes Dec 04, 2017

Whole oats, cooked in milk with fresh fruit is such a nourishing and lovely meal to start your day with. We all benefit from the warming simplicity and flavorful combinations, it’s like a hug on the inside.

You can use any of the fruits mentioned on your Metabolic Balance® Plan: grated apple is nice, fresh seasonal pear, fresh berries, you get the idea.



1. one portion oats

2. one portion milk

3. one portion fruit

4. cinnamon to taste


I like to soak my oats...

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Almond Milk

recipes Nov 02, 2017

Almond milk is a great alternative for those sensitive to dairy. Making your own is not only easy, but important, as store bought almond milks have many additives, preservatives, sugars and binders--- things we shouldn't be putting into our bodies!  Next time you’re at the store, read some of the almond milk labels. If you know what all those chemicals are and if you think your body knows how to process them, go right ahead and buy them! My challenge for you is to make a...

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