Want your old body back, along with the energy and vibrancy from your youth?

It’s time to discover the real reason you've lost your 'zest', and start living the life you want.  


Want a fabulous body, along with the energy and vibrancy from your youth?

It’s time to discover the real reason you've lost your 'zest', and start living the life you want.  

"Personalized nutritional programs based on your unique chemistry."

Do you secretly ask yourself these questions?


"Where did my energy go...?"
"I used to get away with everything, what happened….?"
"Do I really have to give up my skinny jeans…..?"
"Why is getting what I want so hard…..?"
"How do I best feel healthy & vibrant…?"

It’s ok. I get it.



I’m Nicolett and I’m a Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach and Nutritional Therapist, with over 20 years of experience.

You could say I know a thing or two about women and their struggles with changing bodies, emotions, hopes and dreams.  And I’m passionate about helping women just like you to look and feel great in your own skin and in your life.

I want you to know …..

...you DO have the power to reclaim your healthy, sexy self, AND do it your way.

It’s easier than you think…. No more struggling with boring diets, it’s time to transform and start living the life you want.

How do you get a world where you:

> look and feel good all the time,

> fit into your sexy jeans,

> are worry free,

> have lots of energy to do the things you love to do,

> let your light shine,

> are admired,

> inspire yourself and others

...And where you can BREAK ALL THE RULES and be confidently you.


Metabolic Balance® is...

...A personalized nutritional program based on your unique body chemistry. 

It was developed by European physicians and scientists, and has over 20 years of research and success stories. 

I know that given the right conditions, the human body will readily transform itself to enjoy an optimal weight, and abundant energy. As a nutritional therapist, my approach combines my experience as a Metabolic Balance® coach and Mind-Body coach. Our one-on-one coaching sessions help you work through habitual pitfalls that come up in dieting, empowering you to transition to your Metabolic Balance® personalized eating plan. 

This is not just another diet, but a lasting lifestyle change.


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Success Stories

I wanted to start the Metabolic Balance® program because I was not sure how and what to eat to feel and look good. I tried other diets but none of them seemed to work for me. This program taught me several things, mainly that I needed to get more creative with my foods and experiment with foods I wasn’t used to. I really learned how to listen to my body instead of my head. I enjoy the vegetables and fruits a lot, especially if I crave healthy and tasty ones instead of junk food. I love knowing what is good for me and working with my body as a source of input.

Stephanie M.


Stephanie M.


In the beginning it was hard for me to change my eating patterns, I used food for comfort and that ended by being on this plan. It allowed me to go on an inward journey and healed many of my emotional eating patterns. I also found the coaching and webinars very helpful. Now I feel great, my energy is balanced all day long, I have little or no joint pain and swelling in my joints. I feel better about my body in general and have less body image issues. My old eating patterns have disappeared altogether. In general, I like to stay on my plan as my overall health, energy and weight greatly benefit and I can very clearly tell the difference. Nicolett’s professional and empathetic presence helped me to reach my goal in regards to health and weight. What I didn’t know and didn’t expect is the joy I am feeling now in living my life full of energy and enthusiasm. I feel I have finally arrived and landed in my body!

Anna Maria B.


Anna Maria B.


After 10 years of doctor appointment after doctor appointment, cupboards full of ineffective and ultimately harmful prescriptions, weekly acupuncture appointments, hard to adhere to elimination diets, and weekends where I was even unable to leave my home, I am finally in a place where I feel healthy. I know that maintaining and even improving upon this good health is a journey, and I also know that whenever I need her, Nicolett will be there to help me along the way. When I think about the people who have been pivotal in my life, who have supported and inspired me, Nicolett is definitely one of them!

Natalie E.


Natalie E.


When you change your future through your health, you're also creating meaningful change in the world.

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