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"I wanted to start the Metabolic Balance® program because I was not sure how and what to eat to feel and look good. I tried other diets but none of them seemed to work for me. This program taught me several things, mainly that I needed to get more creative with my foods and experiment with foods I wasn’t used to. I really learned how to listen to my body instead of my head. I enjoy the vegetables and fruits a lot, especially if I crave healthy and tasty ones instead of junk food. I love knowing what is good for me and working with my body as a source of input."

Stephanie M.

"I really like eating all the fruit and vegetables. I did not eat as many as I do now being on the Metabolic Balance® plan. The meals are very satisfying and work better for me than I had initially expected. I like that my weight got lighter. After the stroke my energy was pretty low, but after being on the plan for a few weeks, my energy increased with every week. I also noticed that my digestion is better overall. I didn’t realize just how important eating the right foods are to having a more healthy body and mind. Nicolett helped me understand how eating healthy can be easy and fun and be good for me. I have also found on this plan that I do not feel hungry and am full of energy and I have finally reached my desired weight without having to make sacrifices."

Michael M.


"In the beginning it was hard for me to change my eating patterns, I used food for comfort and that ended by being on this plan. It allowed me to go on an inward journey and healed many of my emotional eating patterns. I also found the coaching and webinars very helpful. Now I feel great, my energy is balanced all day long, I have little or no joint pain and swelling in my joints. I feel better about my body in general and have less body image issues. My old eating patterns have disappeared altogether. In general, I like to stay on my plan as my overall health, energy and weight greatly benefit and I can very clearly tell the difference. Nicolett’s professional and empathetic presence helped me to reach my goal in regards to health and weight. What I didn’t know and didn’t expect is the joy I am feeling now in living my life full of energy and enthusiasm. I feel I have finally arrived and landed in my body."

AnnaMaria B.

"After 10 years of doctor appointment after doctor appointment, cupboards full of ineffective and ultimately harmful prescriptions, weekly acupuncture appointments, hard to adhere to elimination diets, and weekends where I was even unable to leave my home, I am finally in a place where I feel healthy. I know that maintaining and even improving upon this good health is a journey, and I also know that whenever I need her, Nicolett will be there to help me along the way. When I think about the people who have been pivotal in my life, who have supported and inspired me, Nicolett is definitely one of them."

Natalie E.
Kansas City, Kansas

"I thought I had it all figured out: I was eating clean and working out all the time, but I was still not losing the weight that I wanted to shed. I decided to work with Nicolett to see if she could point me in the right direction. At the end of our sessions, we had nailed my problem areas and developed a plan to more forward. My sessions with Nicolett allowed me to be honest with myself and my body. I would definitely recommend Nicolett to anyone who is looking to make a healthy change for a long life or to anyone who needs helping finding what their body needs!"

Katie M.
Denver, Colorado

"The experience of bringing Metabolic Balance into my life has been so positive. I have easily regained health that I thought was a thing of the past. Nicolett’s steady support allowed me to make the most of this investment into my wellness and vitality. If you struggle with weight plateaus, inflammation, gastrointestinal distress or poor immune response – please look further into Metabolic Balance; it’s a life changer."

Kelly Sue C.
LCSW, ChoicePoint Psychotherapy

"What I like about the program is the simplicity. This structure and discipline has been immensely helpful to me as well as translatable to habits. I like working with Nicolett because she is empathetic and nurturing. Her voice is kind and supportive so I always felt optimistic working with her.  I felt seen, understood and heard to an unusual degree. I had the sense I was in very good hands—in the hands of someone seasoned and experienced in the program and passionately interested in her field of endeavor."

Frances C.
Boulder, CO
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